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1.5°C Emission Possible

Half a degree doesn’t sound like much, does it? When you tweak your heating at home by half a degree it doesn’t feel very different. But when it comes to nature every fraction of a degree matters. In order to limit global warming to 1.5°C we need to change how we live and how our businesses operate.

Adam Ambrozik

Senior Manager Public Affairs at VELUX

“The building sector is responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions. This shows without doubt that urgent action is needed. We need to decarbonize the sector and deliver sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings to meet the Paris Agreement.”

Lubomila Yordanova

CEO & Co-Founder, Plan A

“Businesses should understand that sustainability is not a side activity. Rather it's something that needs to be deeply embedded into all different aspects of its existence. Sustainability is related to the survival and longevity of a business.”

Irene Lucius

Regional Conservation Director, WWF-CEE

“Companies invest in ecosystems health, communities drive innovation and nature is finally being seen as an essential element in the equation. That is how I would like to imagine the future of business in our region and beyond.”

Supported by

The first season of ‘The Future of Business’ podcast is supported by VELUX– the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows.

By 2041, 4.5 million tonnes CO2 will be captured through the financing of forest and biodiversity projects equal to the VELUX group’s carbon emissions from 1941 to 2041. They are delivering on this target through a 20-year partnership with WWF.

The WWF-VELUX partnership aims to inspire business to act for the planet. Read more about the WWF-VELUX partnership here.

About the host

Peter Barath has great experience in the fields of brand marketing and corporate communication in various levels both at agency and at the advertiser side. He had gained various executive and leadership experiences at top-level company management as well as at the public administration and NGO sector. As a professional he loves brands with a great purpose and prefers leaders with a clear vision. Peter joined the WWF Central and Eastern Europe team in 2020 with more than 25 years of professional experience in the area of marketing, public relations, brand strategy, advertising and digital solutions. One of his current main responsibilities is working with the private sector in genuine partnerships to help tackle the multi-dimensional problems facing our natural environment today.


Regional Director Marketing and Partnerships

“There is a strong business case behind sustainability and the change has to start with a long term vision and understanding. Economic success can increase significantly while performing well in environmental issues.”

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