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The best way to predict
the future is to create it.
- Peter Drucker

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Every day we hear new announcements and ambitions from companies in their efforts to become more sustainable. Unfortunately, not all of these are credible. Some companies try to reduce their impact by offsetting their emissions without tackling the underlying problems. But we cannot offset our way out of a climate emergency. Companies need to limit their impacts and emissions by as much as possiblе before looking into alternative solutions. To help the corporate sector in this crucial transformation, WWF has designed seven steps for climate leadership. Those steps ensure action is in line with science and support the needed societal shifts to achieve a 1.5°C future. Check out the video to learn more.

Watch more videos
Watch more videos

Inspiring business to act for the planet

"The Future of Business" is an inspirational info hub for sustainable business solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. It is developed by WWF - one of the world’s largest independent conservation organizations. Together we will examine what the future of our region could look like and how to shape it in favour of people and nature. "The Future of Business" purpose is to ignite the vital conversation on the business case behind sustainability, and to become an impulse for collective action. It is designed for passionate change-makers who want to generate positive impact for both the business sector and the planet: from corporate leaders, start-up innovators, elected officials, to sustainability experts and fellow conservationists.

The first season of "The Future of Business" podcast is supported by VELUX - the world's leading manufacturer of roof windows. Together we aim to inspire the business sector to act for the planet. Learn more about the WWF-VELUX partnership here.

What our speakers say

Adam Ambrozink personal photo

“I strongly believe that the evolution in terms of energy production is a must. Green transition in energy is a key element to whole economy decarbonization”

Adam Ambrozik, Senior Manager Public Affairs at VELUX

“Businesses should understand that sustainability is not a side activity. Rather it's something that needs to be deeply embedded into all different aspects of its existence. Sustainability is related to the survival and longevity of a business.”

Lubomila Yordanova

CEO & Co-Founder, Plan A

“Companies invest in ecosystems health, communities drive innovation and nature is finally being seen as an essential element in the equation. That is how I would like to imagine the future of business in our region and beyond.”

Irene Lucius

Regional Conservation Director, WWF-CEE

“The building sector is responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions. This shows without doubt that urgent action is needed. We need to decarbonize the sector and deliver sustainable, healthy and affordable buildings to meet the Paris Agreement.”

Adam Ambrozik

Senior Manager Public Affairs, VELUX

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